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Office of Mental Health

Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Revised OMH Program Codes

The NYS Office of Mental Health is revising the list of valid program codes to be effective with reporting periods beginning 1/1/2010 (Upstate) or 07/01/2010 (NYC) and later. It is recommended that you check this list to determine if you will need to update your reporting for these periods. You should download the latest version of CFRS from the CFRS download page or download the update if you already have CFRS 13.0 installed, and update your Budget (CBR) as needed.

All questions relating to Program Codes should be referred to the appropriate NYS OMH field office:
Central NY Field Office (315) 426–3930
Hudson River Field Office (845) 454–8229
Long Island Field Office (631) 761–2508
NYC Field Office (212) 330–1650
Western NY Field Office (716) 885–4219
The following program codes will no longer be available:
 0810 Case Management
 1990 Bridger Services
 2820 Consumer Service Dollars (Non ICM/SCM/ACT)
 2830 Int Case Mgmt/Supt Case Mgmt/Blnd Case Mgmt Emrgcy Svc $
The following program codes have been added:
 0920 Blended Case Management Service Dollars
 1230 Flexible Recipient Service Dollars
 1910 Intensive Case Management Service Dollars
 2720 Non-Medicaid Care Coordination
 2980 RTF/HCBS Service Dollars>
 6910 Supportive Case Management Service Dollars
 6920 Adult Home Service Dollars
The following funding source codes will no longer be available:
 034 A ICM Managers - Adult
 034 B ICM Managers - Children
 034 C Service Dollars
 034 E Service Dollar C&Y
 038   Mental Health Initiatives - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 A Farm Net - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 B Relief Resources - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 C Hospital Audiences - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 D Eating Disorders - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 E Conference of Local MH Directors - OMH Member Item 100% 001 Funding
 038 F Mental Health Association in Rockland County
 038 G Mental Health Association in Orange County
 038 H Occupations, Inc
 038 I NYU Child Study Center
 038 M NASW-NY training & educ for providers dealing w/vets
 038 N Health Care Coverage for Direct Care workers
 038 O Ohel Children & Family services
 039 B Case Management
 039 E Leg Spec Contr Reapprop (OMH Only)
 039 F Therapeutic Nursery
 039 H Compulsive Gambling
 039 V Legislative Special - Governor
 046 K School Based Initiativ
 049 A Federal PHP HUD Grant
 104   Supportive Case MGT
 104 A SCM Service Dollars
 105   Assertive Community Treatment Teams
 105 A Assertive Community Treatment Teams
 106   State Operated ACT
 140 F HCRA Adult Supt House
 140 H HCRA C&F Case Managmnt
 140 I HCRA C&F RTF Case Mgmt
 140 J HCRA C&F Fam Support
 140 K HCRA C&F Fam Based Trt
 140 Y HCRA Adult CM Other
 170 A Kendra AOT ICM
 170 E Kendra AOT SCM
 170 F Kendra AOT ACT Team
 170 K Kendra AOT Other
 170 L Kendra AOT ICM Svc $
 170 M Kendra AOT SCM Svc $
 170 N Kendra AOT ACT Svc $
 190   Parole ACT Like Team
 550   Adult Home Case Management
 550 A Adult Home Case Management Service Dollars
The following funding source codes have been added:
 034 J Adult Case Management
 034 K C&F Case Management

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