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Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Creating and Managing backups of your CFRS database


You should always backup your CFR database before modifying, upgrading, or installing a new version of the CFRS Software. Having a recent backup file can prevent problems if your system or software is compromised. We highly recommend that you create and secure a backup of your CFR database frequently, as you are completing your CFR submission.

Creating frequent backups will ensure your ability to recover your CFR data, whether your system crashes, or your facility is hit by lightening and/or an electrical surge, or even if your system becomes corrupted due to a virus or program error. If you have created a backup, and copied that file to an external location, such as your organization’s Local Area Network (LAN), or to a CD or USB device, then you will be able to recover your data, even if your system has been destroyed.

To create a Backup copy of your CFR database:

From the CFRS Software "Submission" menu "Utilities" item, or the CFRS Navigation Box, select the "Backup data" option. To make it easier to find the file, we recommend that you take the defaults when prompted for the location to save the backup file to. By default, the new backup file will be placed in the following directory (Please note: The below "\CFRS 32.0\" is not absolute. It will reflect the specific software version you are using):

    C:\Program Files\Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System\CFRS 32.0\DB\Backup

Note: Each time you run the backup routine, it will create a new backup file. The default filename includes the CFRS version number, date, and time, with the dual file extension of .mdb.cfr  (The version number, in each created backup file’s name, depends on the version of the CFRS Software you are using).

Backup files can not be uploaded to the CFRS Web site.

For the purpose of comparison, there are distinct differences between a Backup file and the Upload file which is created during the "Prepare for Upload" process.

To transfer a CFRS Backup file or Upload file to another machine, you need to copy it to a CD, USB device, etc, a, or to a network location.

Usually, you can "send" a copy of the file to an alternative location, by right clicking on it, and then selecting "Send To" from the Windows pop-up menu, and picking the appropriate location or drive. Alternatively, backup files can be sent as email attachments, if needed.


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